Creative: To see something new. To engage one’s imagination and bring new ideas to life. To make connections. 

Ashram: A specific space dedicated to simplicity, study and yoga practice. The physical container to cultivate the creative soul and spark one’s imagination. Inspired by the traditional places of practice in South Asia.

“Creativity is the strange partnership between a human being’s labor and the mystery of inspiration.” Elizabeth Gilbert



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“Art is the highest form of hope”  G. Richter

We believe that everyone is creative. 

We believe that everyone has something to say and a need to express themselves.

We believe that in tumultuous times like these, your creative self-expression is essential and the world needs your art and creation as much as you do. 

We understand that life is busy and things get in the way of creativity. We are committed to providing positive and nourishing environments for individuals and groups to focus on their projects, wherever they are in their creative process.

We do this by providing experiences that tend to your whole embodied self. Experiences that invite deeper reflection and bring your art into the world.

We are three creative friends. We realised we needed and wanted this. We decided to build it, and we hope you will join us.

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"There are no new ideas... There are only old and forgotten ones, new combinations, extrapolations and recognitions from within ourselves - along with the renewed courage to try them out" Audre Lorde

Invest some time into your vision. Head into autumn with intention, focus and drive, and finish the year with a sense of flow.

Our retreats and workshops serve as a ‘Creative Study Hall’ and will benefit you - no matter what your medium or industry – page, stage, or canvas – or where you’re at in your creative process:

  • We explore what enhances your creativity, and what distracts from your creativity.

  • We explore how to cultivate a personal practice, environment and routine to enhance our creative work.

  • We learn the tools to incorporate these practices into our own daily lives.​

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"We withdraw not to disappear, but to find another ground from which to see." D. Whyte 

Creative Ashram is for you if:

  • Life is crazy and you need some space to think and develop ideas.

  • You need to find inspiration to complete something you have been working on for a while.

  • You want to read, write, think, explore, develop, or stare into space. 

  • You want to explore your creativity.

  • You need some structured and disciplined space to get words on a page, art on a canvass, or music out of your head.

  • You want to be surrounded and inspired by likeminded people who are also focusing on their own practices.

  • You want to make some real time for yourself and focus on your ambitions and goals.



Who We Are




 Independent Consultant

I am passionate about the intersection of the Personal and the Political. I am a process facilitator and educator at heart. For the past 15 years, I have been working globally in this capacity to support the practice of conflict transformation.

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Owner of Shade Music

I am a musician, producer and facilitator currently based in Belfast.

I am passionate about creating change and building confidence and connection through the arts.




Founder & Co-Owner of Flow Yoga Belfast.

I have been passionate about yoga, dance and the arts my whole life. I believe in the transformative potential of these mediums for personal and social change.



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